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Facts & Figures

2023-2024 School Culture Survey Highlights


89% of our students believe that the administration is doing a good job running the school.

82% of our families report our administrative team to be approachable.

100% of our staff believes our administrative feedback is aligned to improve their instruction.

Improvement Opportunities

  • 51% of our students do not believe that everyone in the school is respected.
  • 37% of our families feel that when their student reports bullying more should be done by teachers and staff.
  • 28% of our staff does not believe staff morale is a priority for administration.

Next Steps

  • Panorama Cougar Council will promote Random Acts of Kindness week. School will continue RP efforts and will participate in the "Dude Be Nice" campaign.
  • Create a data tracker to identify areas where bullying occurs. Train staff on the effects of bullying and provide bullying intervention program "Dude Be Nice".
  • Have a staff recognition wall. Continue to utilize community partners to ensure that we have community support for morale -boosting activities for staff. Provide high quality and regular praise for all, ensuring that this is celebrated equitably.